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No Project Is Out Of Our Reach.

We're tired of other developers charging different prices for different packages. We build all websites with premium, powerful features. You never lose out and are never asked to pay extra. One price for everything.

What You Can Expect

Unlimited Pages

No limits to the amount of pages you can have. Need About, Categories, Policies and Others? We'll build them all whether it be 1, 10 or 100 for the same price.

Add To Cart/Checkout

Customers/Clients can add products to cart and checkout. Upon checkout they can pay with Debit/Credit/Charge Cards, Paypal, Bank Transfer or even Cash On Delivery. This is similar to websites like Amazon/Etsy.

Accept Payments

Need customers to be able to book appointments, pay for services or purchase products? Sure, they can book/buy and pay online directly to you. We take no comissions like other developers. You get 100% of the money you earn.

List Products & Departments

List your own products, set your prices, add photos/videos, size charts, descriptions and more. The best thing? You can list unlimited products with us whether you're selling directly or dropshopping. We know you might also want to have different departments or categories. Yes you can do that as well. Your full store awaits.

Ship Locally Or Internationally

Set your own shipping policies, conditions and terms on your website. You can ship locally, regionally or internationally. Fullfil the order yourself or if you need a courier, we can integrate your website with DHL, FedEx, TTPost or Beeline Couriers to ensure your packages get to its customer.

Inventory Tracking

We want to make your life easier, so that's why all websites come with automatic inventory tracking. Let's say you only have 10 of a product and you don't want customers placing orders after it's sold out then the website automatically detects when the item is sold out and places the notice on the product.

Appointment System

Are you a service based business and don't sell products? Well we can also place an appointment or booking system so that you can showcase your services and gain extra bookings as persons find your website.

Your Own Dashboard

Never depend on others to make changes or add products to your website. You have your own Dashboard where you can manage everything about the website. You can even give another development company access. The easy to use Dashboard ensures making changes is quick and easy.

User Interface

We aim to provide modern, sleek and easy to use interfaces. This means your clients will never be lost looking for the things they need on your website. With functional search bars, they can find what they require with a click of a button.

Automatic Emailing

When someone places are order, you shouldn't have to send an invoice to them manually. Once the order is placed by a customer, an invoice/receipt is automatically sent to them. No more, tedious customer management- let the website and software do it for you. Maybe their credit card has an issue? It will detect and inform them of that too, saving you time and stress.

Mobile Responsiveness

We ensure the website looks great on all devices. We're talking about smartphones, tablets, smart-fridges, smart-watches and so forth. We spare no labour to ensure your clientelle can find your business on any device.


You will be able to know how many persons visit the website, where those visits come from and more. Do you want to know what are your best selling items or services Well the website automatically detects and shows you which products are sold, which are your best months and so forth. Additionally, advanced analytics ensures that you can also export statistics to excel sheets.

Services Listing

If you have a large amount of services or just starting out we'll list all the services so your customers can make bookings accordingly. With this, they'll also be able to find you on search engines when they are looking for businesses like yourself.

Search Engine Optimization

Customers need to be able to find you on Google, Bing, Yahoo and similar. This is why we include S.E.O in our package. What is a website without S.E.O. It is a website lost in the shuffle. We care about your business so we work to ensure customers find it.

Social Media Integration

Websites should be integrated with social media seamlessly, that's why we'll integrate it to your Facebook Pages, Instagram Accounts and whatever else social media accounts you may have.


Other developers use cheap hosting which means your websites overtime will run slower and slower. Our hosting uses industry leading Siteground & Godaddy servers to ensure your websites are lightning fast and secure.


Ever noticed that some websites have a padlock at the top of the address bar. This means the website is secured and encrypted for customers. By choosing us your website is also encrypted and has that same padlock. Your customers will never loose confident in your website.

No Deposit Needed

Why trust developers with your money when you don't know what you're getting. We develop the website first and then you pay. If you don't like it then you don't have to pay.

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