Navigating The Dashboard

So we won’t be getting into actually utilizing the Dashboard to make changes but just simply navigating it. This is to help you get familiar with the options and comfortable with the interface. So let us begin.

This is an example of what your Dashboard may look like. Notice that there is a Dark Tab to the left side of the screen with a variety of options. These options are all clickable. For example, for anything that deals with Products such as adding products or changing prices then you would need to click products to enter that Tab.

Upon clicking a tab, it would bring the information and settings for that element. In the following screenshot I will click the “Products” Tab.

Notice when I click the Products Tab, below it to the left expands and shows other options such as Categories, Tags, Etc. Those are also clickable and would bring up other options. In the main screen, you’d notice that everything about Products is shown.

Notice, in the main screen my products have loaded. Sadly I had no products to show but if I did, all of them would be visible where I could then Edit. Notice the Add New button at the top as well. This is an example of when clicking an item on the Dashboard, you would be able to make changes to a specific element. If I had clicked “Analytics” which is right under “Products” then the “Analytics” element would load and you would be able to analyze your store’s analytics.

In summary, clicking an element on the left hand side of the Dashboard will bring up a screen on the right hand side for you to make changes to the website in that particular area. We’ll get into actually making changes in the following sections.