Adding Categories/Departments

Generally online stores, require products being divided into different Categories or Departments. For example, Amazon has many different departments such as Electronics, Pet and so forth. Depending on your store your categories may be broad like Amazon or really niche. Adding a category is incredibly easy. Let’s begin.

Firstly, let’s select the “Categories” option in the “Products” menu. This will bring up an interface that you can use to delete or add categories. In the photo below, it represents that interface. Simply add the category name where it is says “name” and press enter. Your category will be shown in the main screen on the right side. In this example, we have only two categories but you can have as much categories as you wish.

This is a great way to organise your store but let’s take it one step further. What if under services we would like to add a subcategory called “Website Development”. We would follow the same steps as before such as placing the name “Website Development” in the name field however before we press enter, we will assign it a parent. Note the option that says “Parent Category”. This simply means that we want the category we are adding to fall under a category that already exists. In this case we want “Website Development” to fall under the main category “Services. So we will simply select “Services” from the dropdown in the parent category section and then press enter. Upon pressing enter, “Website Development” would fall under the category of “Services” thus being a sub category.