Setting Automatic Inventory

This builds upon content that were covered in earlier tutorials. To best understand the content presented here it is recommended you reach the tutorial on “Adding A Product”.

Your website comes with a feature for automatic inventory tracking. This is useful for if you have a limited number of stock and do not want customers buying more than you have. For example, if you have 100 of a particular item you can set the inventory as 100. Everytime a product is sold, it would automatically deduct the quantity sold from the quantity you began with. If overtime 98 products are sold, then a customer wanting to purchase 3 would not be able to. They would be notified the maximum they can purchase is 2. This is because only 2 of the product is remaining.

If all 100 products overtime are sold, then the product will automatically list itself as “Out of Stock” meaning that customers can still view the product on the website but won’t be able to add it to cart and will be notified that it is “Out of Stock”. This feature is completely automatic. The only setting you would need to place is the quantity of the product you have available.

Select the option “Inventory” in the Product Interface and then click the checkbox that states “Enable Stock Management At Produdct Level”. This enables inventory tracking on that product. Where it asks for stock quantity do, place the quantity you have. In this case we placed 10. This means that 11+ of the product will not be sold and once all 10 has been sold, it will automatically place itself “Out of Stock”.

Low Stock Threshold is optional, however, when the product reaches the quanity of 2 remaining or whichever number you specify then the customer would be notified that there is a low stock and it may be sold out soon. This may entice them to make a purchase.