General Store Settings

You can access this page by going onto Woocommerce and clicking the Settings option. Dashboard > Woocommerce > Settings. This page will be done in multiple tutorials as this deals with a variety of information from General Settings, Shipping and Accepting Payments.

In the first interface, once clicking “Woocommerce Settings”, you will be greeted with the General Page. This page covers your store address, your store currency, the countries you sell to and ship to. You should ensure this information is correct as your store slowly expands especially if it servers regional/international customers.

The Interface of the “General” settings of your store.

The following photo, shows the interface of the “Products” tab in Woocommerce Settings. This “Products” Tab is not to be confused with the actual “Products” tab that you use to add products. This tab we are reffering to is found next to the “General” tab in the “Woocommerce Settings”. This allows you to change the units your products are sold in sound a Kilograms or Pounds. Additionally you can select if you would like customers to leave reviews. More advanced features include some options for Inventory and Downloadable products which can be clicked in the interface.

In these basic tutorials we will not touch on Taxes, Accounts & Privacy, Integration and Advanced. Those tabs under Woocommerce > Settings will be developed under the more advanced tutorials that are coming soon.