Wipay has become a common option for persons wanting to accept payments in Trinidad & Tobago. To utilize Wipay, you will need to register with Wipay has some simple requirements. They require a Certificate of Registration and Business Bank Account most importantly. There may be some other requirements depending on your business structure.

In the past, we had clients who have been given 3 months when registering with WiPay to register of a Business Bank Account with their relevant bank. This is because the Central Bank (supposedly) offers the same time for businesses. We recommend if you don’t have a business bank account for you to ask Wipay to allow you the three months grace.

Note: We are not affiliated nor do we endorse them in any way nor have they endorsed us. They are simply one of the many solutions available to merchants in T&T to accept Credit Card Payements Online.

Once you have signed up for Wipay you will have 2 pieces of information from them to utilize: 1) A WiPay Account Number and 2) A Wipay Business Key.

The Wipay Account Number should be visible easily on your WiPay Dashboard (this is available to you logging into your Wipay account via their official website).

The Business Key requires some steps for you to source. Firstly, you would need to find the “Developer” tab on Wipay. Upon clicking this tab you may be told that you do not have a Business Key or a Website Integrated (this is fine). Scroll down the page and you will be prompted to insert your website url. This is the website domain (.com) so it may be yourwebsitename.com. If your website ends with .net, .org, that is your domain and please insert that in the area they has designated. When doing this you will be able to Generate an API Key, this is your Business Key. Congratulations you have the information that you needed to complete your Wipay setup on the website.

Note: If your Wipay Business Key won’t generate or you get an error when trying to conduct a transaction on the website, you will need to contact Wipay. Most times, your Wipay account isn’t verified completely or you are missing documents in your WiPay application. By contacting them, they will troubleshoot the issue.

Following your Wipay application, just go onto Payment Gateways on WordPress and select Wipay. You can find this by finding the Woocommerce Tab, selecting it and then selecting “Settings” in the dropdown menu. You will be greeted with “General, Taxes, Products, Payments” and several other options. Please select payments.

This is the interface for the payments section. Select Manage/Set Up, next to the Wipay option.

When selecting, Manage/Set Up- you will be greeted with several information but you will need to scroll down and insert your Account Number and Business Key in the areas they have designated.

Finally, please ensure your settings is similar to the photo below. Sandbox should NOT be activated as payments will not be completed successfully.

The plugin should be enabled and Sandbox mode should not be checked to accept payments.

This completes our Wipay tutorial. You should be able to recieve payments. If you are not, please check your account number and business key. If the credentials are correct then your Wipay account may have an issue therefore you should contact WiPay to have the issue sorted.