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We work with all businesses reguardless of size or standing. At times customers would inquire about what their website should ideally have. Let’s provide a quick, basic guide to get you started. Please note, this is just a guide and many of these websites can intersect. For example an eCommerce website can also have a Directory, Blog and other functions.

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The most popular type of website currently are eCommerce which is essentially for you to list products/services and sell them collecting a payment for your products/services online. This website often times allows you to divide products by departments, list products, track inventory and allow persons to create accounts to track their orders and so much more. For example, just think of what you do when purchasing on popular websites such as eBay or Amazon.


This website is used to spread awareness and list information about your business. Usually companies or small business list all their services in detail, implement contact forms or even a payment portal if they are selling products or accepting payments from customers wanting to clear invoices. This is a representation of your company online and should be able to answer your customers or clients questions.

Service Based

Business/Corporate websites can also be classified in service based but we like to separate it. Often times clients have specific services such as plumbing, legal or accounting and we believe it looks significantly different from corporate websites. In these websites the focus is on letting your clients know exactly what you provide, what rates and how they can book your time as compared to the focus being on the company. However, we can marry both websites together into one- should you require it.


So you’re a photographer, recent graduate, programmer, animator or someone who needs to showcase their work or even highlight their resume. Look no further, we’ll create a custom designed website to highlight your work, aesthetic and emotions in the best way possible. 


Blogging or News Broadcasting is a crucial part of every society. Share your hobbies with an audience or simply write articles of ideas you are passionate about whether that is politics, social justice or something in your community. These websites offer the ability to easily publish articles without being tech savy and easy search and reading for your viewers.

Event Website

Whether you have a club, music festival, conference, or even wedding coming up you should have a website for your event. This allows your attendees to RSVP, recieve their tickets online, pay fees, ask questions, find directions to the venue and even contribute to a gift registry. The possibilities are endless with event websites.


So you’re building a community where persons can contribute content, pay a recurring fee as part of a subscription and recieve content. Whether you want to build a social network, streaming platform or niche community we are your developers of choice to get the job done. 


E-Learning has slowly become a must have in the post pandemic era. Whether you’re starting a virtual school or selling a single course we can make it much easier for you to sell courses online. Courses come packed with features to quiz students, send announcements, issue certificates upon completion and so much more. This is your complete student management system.

Forum/User Generated Content

Discussion is key so whether you’re a politician looking to create a forum or community leader or hobbyst then look no further. Your forum members would have relative permissions, be able to start different topics and of course engage in full fledged discussions about all matters relating to whatever you may be talking about. At your request we can even add advanced features such as upvoting or downvoting content. 


Real Estate, Business Listings, Automotive, Rentals and so much more. Directories websites have become crucial to the internet. They are how we find things we need and get in contact with freelancers that we require. So whether you’re starting a real estate business or a minature version of Fiverr for your small community- we can get it done.

Multi Vendor Marketplace

These websites allow you to have other sellers or vendors sign up for accounts, pay you a monthly or yearly fee to list their products and maybe even earn a commision for the products that you sell. Popular multi vendor marketplaces are Amazon, Etsy, eBay and even Fiverr. Let’s start your marketplace today.


We have special discounts just for non-profits reguardless of where you stand on the political asile. We believe in your cause and look forward to assisting you whether you involved in food drives, social justice or any other causes. Your supporters can keep up with your latest accomplishments, goals and even donate to your cause.


So you’re a politician, in charge of a committee or just wanting to make some change in your local or state governence. Well look no further- you can expect confidentiality, high quality websites and more. We even engage in developing software for your political party to track canvassing, support and other key metrics to ensure your campaign or social cause never occurs in vain. 

Landing Page

A simple landing page, that has your business information and a call to action at the bottom of the page. This is perfect for businesses that want a quick website with pertinent information and no distractions. Additionally, for no additional cost you can easily convert it to a full website with a simple message, call or email to us. 

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